Creating a Wild Flower Meadow

Creating a wild flower meadow, is the perfect way to easily transform an unloved corner of your garden, or an area to which you would like to bring relaxed and naturalistic planting. You can also try turning some of your lawn, or an old flower border into your new wildflower meadow.

Fillpots sell a good range of wild flower seed mixes, which already have the perfect combination of grasses and flowers, to bring your meadow to life. You can always enhance these mixes, with individual seed packets of your own choice, or by harvesting seeds from plants you already have in the garden, such as foxgloves and poppies.

Once the meadow is sown, they require v little maintenance, as the flowers will self-seed each year, providing you with a carpet of colour and the local wildlife with a sanctuary of their own. You will be highly likely to start spotting hedgehogs, frogs, dragonflies and a huge variety of butterflies, bees and moths, which in turn will encourage bats and smaller mammals to make an appearance.

How to Guide

  • Meadows are best sown in Autumn (September/October) or Spring (March to May).
  • Ideally select ground that is not highly fertile, where vigorous grasses don't out-compete the flowers.
  • If sewing in existing overgrown ground, cut back to around 4 inches.
  • Remove any large weeds and if possible, rake the area to create soft top soil.
  • If sewing in a bed, remove weeds and surface vegetation and rake to produce soft top soil.
  • The seed must be surface sewn and can easily be done by hand.
  • Evenly distribute in overlapping sections, to avoid missing any areas.
  • Do not cover the seed, but firm in with a gardener roller, or by manually treading. This allows for good soil/seed contact.

Pop in to see us and we will be happy to give you more information on getting started. We sell garden rollers, rakes and wild flower seed mixes, the rest is up to you!